Moving Forward

High expectations are important if you want excellent results.  While the City of Oceanside has high expectations for its City services, the Oceanside Fire Department works to exceed these standards. Striving to “Be the Best, we are constantly studying and evaluating ways that we can exceed expectations as a matter of course.  With over 22,000 calls for service, both from our home community, and the ever increasing tourist population, the Oceanside Fire Department is the second busiest Department in San Diego County.

There are many opportunities to expand and improve our services in the works.  With funding from Measure X and additional funding from the federal government (sought and secured for us by Rep. Mike Levin) Oceanside’s historic 1929 Fire Station 1 will be replaced.  Expanded staffing will be needed to meet the increasing needs of the downtown corridor the station serves.  Also on the way is a new training tower, and the possibility of a permanent Station 8, along with a needed Station 9 to meet the growing needs of the city.

To continue to provide the level of service we take pride in and that the community deserves, we will need additional personnel and training.   Larger and higher paying agencies continue to deplete the community of existing emergency workers.  And as the city’s frontline workforce remains some of the busiest, lowest-paid regionally, the OFA remains committed to RESPONSIBLE wage and benefit resolutions.  The goal remains a service that exceeds expectations.  It’s members take pride in excellent service to the citizens of Oceanside and remain ready to respond to any active bell or community need.